Cummunication 101 #14

Well, let me tell you all something. I was 44 years old when I first had sex in a tent while camping and  44 years old when I gave head to Johne while he pleasured me with his hand in the middle of a national forest. These were two separate events within two weeks of each other. Please understand that Johne and I usually have (~95% of the time) mind blowing sex. No, not every single time, but pretty ding dang close. We also almost always orgasm at the same time and we also really dig each other. Please know that I am NOT bragging I know we are an anomaly and we are VERY blessed in this regard. This is just one reason why I became a sex/intimacy coach. I want to help people have mind blowing sex too, damn near EVERY.TIME. Some sex will always be maintenance sex, but sex is like pizza and even when it is mediocre, it is still sex and the benefits are numerous!

SO tent sex… WOW. Wish we had done this years ago and I feel as though there is tons of open air sex in our future. It was just JohnE and I. Come to think of it, we always tent camped with our boys soooo sex was not really an option. We found a spot to camp on the side of the road by a creek. The second day in, it started to ran a bit, we went in the tent. It was drizzling out and you could hear the raindrops on the tent, trees rustling in the breeze and the creek. It was pretty magical. We both felt so free in the moment and the fact that we could possibly be discovered or heard intensified our passion for each other. I rode him front cowgirl style (I have to specify since reverse cowgirl is not my BFF; you can read about that in my ‘Tried It, Hated It’ blog).  I got to say it was definitely one of our ‘high five’ sexcapades.  When we have really mind-blowing sex, we high five each other for a job well done. Lame? Maybe, but we’ve been getting it on, in and done for almost 19 years together and 18 married.  So whatever people call it, doesn’t really bother us.

About two weeks after that, Johne and went on a day trip to Arizona, we went and checked out a lava flow area in a national forest. The place was not overly crowded. We ended up getting a bit off track both literally and figuratively as we drove passed the area we meant to see. When we realized this we turned around and headed back. The road was empty… I mean Twilight Zone empty.

I began to flirt playfully and grabbed JohnE’s hand and put it on my boob, then of course he started to rub me. CAUTION as a safety professional I can not encourage this as he was driving. He slowed down and I unzipped my pants and his hand made its way down to my lady bits. Any who he had me GOT! After that I had him pull over and I sucked him off. It was GLORIOUS! This was very exciting and NEW for both of us.

The thrill of possibly getting caught or being seen added to the sexhilaration to our already PRETTY DING DANG awesome sex! Why am I telling you all this? I am telling you all of this because if we (JohnE and I) can spice up an already spicy sex life, YOU CAN SPICE YOURS UP TOO! It is never too late. We have already talked about me wearing a long skirt on our next road trip so we can stop and I can ride him in the back seat. I am excited just thinking about it. Don’t ever give up or close the door to great sex. You can always do something to increase frequency enjoyment, greatness, or spice things up in your sex life if you are willing to. ALWAYS. It doesn’t have to cost money, doesn’t have to hurt, doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. Seriously a little imagination and cummunication with your spouse or significant other and mind blowing sex can be just moments away. 

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3 thoughts on “Sexhibition and Sexhilaration”

  1. This is really awesome. I must say that the sex I have with my fiancé is pretty awesome too. He recently got his car windows tinted and wants to now have sex outside the house in the car. He also wanted to have sex on the grand children’s trampoline. Have awesome sex is very mind blowing to me. And since I have it I want more of it. Keep the blogs cumming!!!

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