Cummunication 101 #15

Confession time. I never used lube before two weeks ago. I guess I thought we didn’t need it. Maybe it was because in my mind, my lady bits got wet enough, and I always thought lube was used mainly in the porn world, to aid women who didn’t get wet, wet enough or didn’t get wet any more due to age, hormonal issues etc. Even during the times when it took me longer to get wet, nope no lube!  

I wasn’t necessarily against lube, I just didn’t think about it or go out of my way to get it because, as stated above, I didn’t think I needed it or that we needed it.  Yeah, I am an intimacy coach and I thought this. Shaking my ding dang head over here.  Whelp, you are NEVER TOO OLD to try something new or learn something new, Capeche? Myself included.

I very recently became an Independent Bedroom Kandi (BK) consultant (end of July 2020).  Bedroom Kandi sells sexual aids or what I like to refer to as sexcessories. They actually have way more than just sex toys and also have a full and separate make up line.  Anywho this is no way a plug to have you buy anything or a plug to play with anally…ha ha ha, I got to admit that was pretty funny. I am sharing this because this is my story about lube and I got to tell it my way.  Anywho as usual, I digress.  I started with BK mainly because I am an intimacy coach and love talking about sex and helping people with issues surrounding sex. I thought this would be a great way to continue that, have fun, earn some extra cash, get a few toys myself, help folks and bring new clientele in for my intimacy coaching practice.  Little did I know I was going to pick up a few things along the way too.  In my kit to become a BK consultant there were two lubes.  Both were flavored water based ones (green apple and tangerine). BK lubes are manufactured by Sliquid (one of the leading lube companies today…just a little factoid for ya!).  I decided I better try these out so I can talk to them and really know about them when I am giving my spiel.

OH MY GOODNESSS!  I have been missing out! We have been missing out! As with anything new there was excitement. There may have been some anxiety, awkwardness and nervousness too (all normal) but I focus on the excitement part.  I added lube to my hand to get JohnE started…

It was an AMAZING hand job. I mean AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHMAZING! The lube just made it better. It was sloppy, slippery and noisy.  I thoroughly enjoyed giving it, not that I did not enjoy giving handjobs to my hubby sans lube, this was just way better!  I loved how smoothly my hand moved on him and the slapping noise it made got me HOT! I didn’t even want to stop, but I was so turned on by what was happening, I had to go further. I added more lube to him and of course had to taste it because it was flavored (and after all this was for science, right? ugh I mean business…who am I kidding I love giving him head).  It was the tangerine flavor, it’s wasn’t bad, it’s wasn’t great, but it also was NOT a deterrent. I added some more lube to him and then hopped on for the win… ugh I mean finish.

Something about adding lube has me craving sex with Johne right after we have sex. Now that is powerful.  I am not sure we will ever have sex without lube again.  So if you are like me and just never really gave lube a second thought, or maybe you tried some Walgreen’s generic lube with an awkward one night stand once.  I urge you to give it a try or try again! It is worth it to lube up!

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Coach Mary C

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