Originally posted 28 May 2020

Blog Blahhhg Blaahhhhg…

Well, this is my first stab at blogging. Not even sure I can do it. Here goes… WHO ARE YOU? Who am I? Oh, that’s easy. I am a wife of almost 18 years to the coolest dude, mother to four pretty cool dudes. I am a United States Air Force Retired Veteran. I am also a high school varsity soccer coach to girls. Why? Because I have enough testosterone surrounding me daily. I am also a firm believer in young girls having role models in their lives that get them out of their own heads and push them beyond their own limitations, and not to brag but I do that very well.

I love to dance and make people laugh; I am brutally honest even with myself. I am also a sexologist, sexpert, intimacy coach to military couples and safer sex teacher to homeless teens. I spent 22 ½ years serving my country and traveling around the globe. In all my time serving I met countless folks who shared in some form or fashion their displeasure with their sex life, married life, spouse etc.

JohnE (my cool dude of a husband who also retired from the USAF) and I endured quite a few bouts of separation. We are a ‘yours, mine, and ours’ family. JohnE had two boys, and I had one son when we met, then we had a son together. We got primary physical custody of his boys when they were 10 and 8 respectively. My son and his second son are two months apart in age, they are the closest, relationship wise, and we call them the ‘grab-ass twins’. Having four very active boys in the house made for some very ingenious ways to be intimate as a couple. Throw in all of the fun mandatory military requirements, separation, college classes, and soccer (both as parents/spectators because all four boys played and as coaches) and we really had to be creative. BUT alas…we did it, we are still doing it and we are celebrating our 18th year together this November!

First and foremost, I am not a doctor. I am, however, a great listener, confidant, and I have helped many of my friends and family with their love lives and personal lives. I love to help people. I also respect the sanctity of marriage; I believe it is my calling to help couples thrive intimately, so they stay together. I have been sexually active myself for ~30 years. I was and always will be an advocate for safer sex hence why I also offer my services to adolescents and younger adults.

So what? So, what you ask? Well I know with every fiber of my being if you got it locked down in the sheets, you can handle whatever is thrown at you in the streets!

With very few exceptions, there is not much JohnE and I have not experienced together. We have faced it all as a team.

I hope what I share inspires and empowers you, but also makes you laugh.

My coaching practice is strictly focused on helping my clients get to where they want to be intimately and teaching safer sex, this blog and eventual podcast is about our (mine and my husband, JohnE’s) personal and love life experiences with a touch of wisdom.

So, with that, I’ll close this Cummunication with a short explanation….

The title is Cummunication 1. Because it’s funny, clever and catchy, 2. Because Communication is #1 in a muchofantabulistic (yeah, I make up my own words sometimes) sex life, and 3. Because most everyone enjoys doing it…cumming that is. C-U, next time!

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