Orgasm Series #4 of 5; 20 Reasons You Should Orgasm More!

Hopefully by now, we all know sex and orgasms are good for us. Yet, we tend to only focus on the ‘feel good’ benefit of the orgasm (I know I have, do and honestly probably will again).  However, it has to be stated that orgasms are beneficial to us humans in so many ways.  I …

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Go L@O#V$E% yourself!

Cummunication 101 # 7/8 Tips for self-discovery and exploration Sorry fellas, this one is mostly for the ladies. I am not saying there are zero dudes out there that have never gotten in touch with themselves literally or figuratively. However, having raised four dudes and being married to one gives me the confidence to say …

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Cliterally Speaking

Cummunication 101 #6 I’d like to introduce you to someone Ahhhhhhhh-MAZING! Do not be nervous. Awesome person reading my blog, meet THE CLITORIS, referred to as ‘she’ and/or ‘her’ throughout. THE CLITORIS, meet this awesome person reading my blog! Ok, now that formalities are out of the way, we can move on. According to Dr. …

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