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Go L@O#V$E% yourself!

Cummunication 101 # 7/8 Tips for self-discovery and exploration Sorry fellas, this one is mostly for the ladies. I am not saying there are zero …

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Cliterally Speaking

Cummunication 101 #6 I’d like to introduce you to someone Ahhhhhhhh-MAZING! Do not be nervous. Awesome person reading my blog, meet THE CLITORIS, referred to …

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A quick note on ‘Quickies’

Cummunication 101 #5 I believe most people think a #quickie is ‘get right to it #missionary style’. It really doesn’t even have to include penetration. …

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What is being #sexuallymindful anyways?

Cummunication 101 #4 #Mindfulness is nothing new. In fact, we practice it daily, although we aren’t necessarily being mindful of doing so. *Wink *Wink. I …

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Vacation Sex

Cummunication 101 #3 Well we were supposed to be in #Ireland this week, but #COVID19 put the #kibosh on that. We have been cooped up …

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2-4-6-8 It’s okay to initiate!

Cummunication 101 #2 Does your husband/Significant Other (SO) always initiate sex or, if you rather I don’t use absolutes; do they initiate way more frequently …

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