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Cummunication 101 #1

Originally posted 28 May 2020 Blog Blahhhg Blaahhhhg… Well, this is my first stab at blogging. Not even sure I can do it. Here goes… …

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Nutritionally Sexy

Cummunication 101 #12 JohnE and I have been doing intermittent fasting (IF) since mid May 2020 and we just completed the Whole30 program Tuesday Aug …

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Toxic Torture

Cummunication 101 #11 So this one is not solely about sex. Whaaaat??? But it is a sex blog. Well actually it’s a life and sex …

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Tried it, Hated it!

Cummunication 101 #10 Ok, so you will often hear me say “try something new”. Spice it up! Adding new things is a great way to …

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Oh no! Not again…an unwelcome and inconvenient visit from the past.

Cummunication 101 #9 “Practice being mindful” They say. “So when you need it, you have it.” Being mindful. HMPH! It is tough sometimes. I want …

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Botox, Balls and BJs, Oh My!

Cummunication 101 #8 Oh my is right! What does #Botox have to do with #sex? Well nothing really. But I want to share something with …

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