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Sensually Sexy

Cummunication 101 #21 Sensuality is defined as the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure and the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling …

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Orgasm Series #5 of 5; What Does Henry Ford Know About Orgasms, Anyways?

Well the Holidays came and went and so did my passion for writing, it seems that went somewhere as well.   C’est La Vie, right? We …

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Orgasm Series #4 of 5; 20 Reasons You Should Orgasm More!

Hopefully by now, we all know sex and orgasms are good for us. Yet, we tend to only focus on the ‘feel good’ benefit of …

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Orgasm Series #3 of 5; Get Down With Yourself!

I am a little late in the game on this blog post. I have been in a COVID19 funk for a few weeks and it …

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Orgasm Series #2 of 5; Stop Faking & Start Owning your Orgasm!

Now this one is not for anorgasmic folks or folks who are in abusive relationships. This is for folks who can orgasm but for one …

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Orgasm Series #1 of 5; 10 Tips for a Mind Blowing Orgasm

This is my first post of a five part blog series all about orgasms. Not everyone can achieve an orgasm. In fact, according to Woman’s …

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