About Me

Snapshot of me: I’m a married mother of four boys, (his-mine-and-ours). We’ve been married 17 years and both had children when we met, then had one together. I served in the US Air Force for 22 and a half years and retired as a Senior Master Sergeant. I’ve always taken pride in helping others and feel good about being a positive force in someone’s life.

While photos mainly only show happy times, life and intimacy has it’s difficulties as well. I truly believe that if a couple has things locked down in the bedroom, you can make it through anything that life throws at you.

We’ve certainly had our challenges through the years from dealing with our ex with custody, visitation, etc. to deployments and separation due to military commitments, and many other trying times.

I understand what kind of intimacy issues can arise in a relationship and I’m here to help empower you to navigate them.

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Tijeras, NM 87059