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Cummunication 101 #12

JohnE and I have been doing intermittent fasting (IF) since mid May 2020 and we just completed the Whole30 program Tuesday Aug 4, 2020. What does this have to do with sex?…Quite a bit actually. Do you know that what you eat and drink affects your sex life and performance? Johne and I decided we will keep eating a modified Whole30 while still doing IF. We also decided that each payday weekend, we will go out to eat and have a sort of cheat day.

For IF, currently, JohnE fasts 16/8 (16 hours fasting and eats for 8). I recently read that women do better with 14/10 so I have switched my times up a bit. We are also trying to do something physical each day.

We started Whole30 on 6 July 2020 and we wanted to also add some type of intimacy each day. This was a bit challenging with my Botox treatment to my bladder (see Cummunication #8 )

but we did okay. We both noticed that each of us are a bit slimmer (even though Whole 30 is not a weight loss program, there are all sorts of benefits.) Our bodies fit together better. Both of us feel great. I like how I look in the mirror. And Johne is loving it. It will only continue to get better. So why am I sharing this?

I know age, hormones, lack of hormones, certain medications, chronic illness, chronic fatigue disease, chronic pain, and stress just to name a few can all put a damper on and maybe even ruin your sex life if you allow it to.

However, good nutrition can also save your sex life and help with most of the residual crap from all the stuff listed above.

JohnE’s blood pressure has been within a very good range since June and is only improving. Our teeth are whiter. Our skin is glowing. My year long relentless eye rash has cleared up too (but I am also on an antibiotic for that, but since I tried everything and it didn’t work, I’ll say it is a combination). We both have not taken our heartburn medication in a few weeks now. The next goal is to get JohnE off his cholesterol medication. These medications are extremely hard on the body. I am confident we will get there too.

So what foods are best? All natural real foods are best PERIOD! If you can not pronounce something on the ingredient list, it is best to find an alternative. What are the best foods for sex, well buckle in and get ready for the ride…

According to Healthline the top five foods for better sex are:

  1. Ground Flax seeds
  2. Oysters
  3. Pumpkin Seeds
  4. Pomegranate seeds
  5. Avocados

This article also states that you should avoid, cheese, bread and processed foods. Hmmm, sounds familiar, right?

According to Dr. Rachael Ross’ Food and Lifestyle for Sexual Wellness, some of the best natural aphrodisiacs are:

Basil, Bay leaf, Raw celery, Chilies, Cinnamon, Figs, Ginger, Goji Berries, Grapes, Honey, Lavender, Lobster, Mango, Mustard, Nutmeg, Peaches, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Turkey, and Watermelon. Just a side note; everything listed on both of these lists are healthy foods that have many benefits, not just sexual.

So what are you eating and drinking on the daily? It has been said that food can make you ill, but I know it can also heal you. I am not saying you have to start IF or commit to the Whole30. I am saying that if you feel sluggish, weak, tired, stressed, bloated, have digestion issues, headaches, allergies, etc and it affects you getting busy…try looking at what you are putting in to your body. C-U- next time.

Thank you to my sources: Healthline and Dr. Rachael Ross.

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By CoachMaryC

I help couples with relationship intimacy and life. As a military veteran I specialize in military relationships and understand the difficulties of active duty military life as well as after military life, transitioning to civilian life. In addition to military; as a mom of four young men, I also help adolescents and young adults understand safer sex and sexual communication in relationships.

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